Red hook- a Brooklyn industrial hot spot in NYC.

Nestled between a skate ramp and print shop lies the TH. SP. SH. Gorge.

Jesse spearheads the NYC street same through his direction at a life, while his little brother Misha custom builds bikes, dismantles engines, and welds tank.

They speed around Brooklyn back and forth on their worm skateboards and custom Triumphs.

From the base of the brothers’ custom style garage. TH. SP. SH. , comes their lifestyle bias, THUMPERS NYC.

Jesse’s influence on the NYC street scene spreading out from a life’s base in the Lower East Side has left no one wondering who he is.

That very THUMPERS NYC has moved on to Showcase at the Ace Hotel and DOVER St. Market, while also working with designs by artist Joe Garvey.

From collaborating with the brand DELANCI by modern artist Harif Guzman to street artist FUTURA coming in to build a custom motorcycle, it’s clear that Jesses connections are coming to develop all over the world.


Brooklyn based motorcycle and fabrication shop.
In the city, for the city.
Spirit of 76——————> ضاربون بروكلين نيويورك


288 Hamilton Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11231